Outside Keble College, Oxford

Today I have agreed to two reductions in the rights I would hold over two new areas for work that I intend making in the near future. The first is with Keble: my project with Keble in relation to the Oxford House exhibition in November has been granted an “official” status within the college. That’s of course great except that any image I make inside the college perimeter, in relation to access surrounding the project, can only be used in the exhibition itself or in the publicity for the exhibition. Which means of course that I won’t be able to use the work in any other area. Primarily it is because they are planning a big exhibition to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the College. Ho Hum.

Secondly, I have signed on to do a (very) short course on video editing and I have agreed that any work that I make there will be jointly owned by the school. And whilst I don’t think I’ll be making anything significant during the course, my diminution of rights happening twice in a day has rocked me a bit.


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